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Working principle of Styler fiber laser welding machine

Publisher: Administrator Date:2021-11-11

Styler Fiber laser welding machine Working principle: laser welding can be realized by continuous or pulsed laser beam. The principle of laser welding can be divided into heat conduction welding and laser deep penetration welding. When the power density is less than 104 ~ 105 w / cm2, it is heat conduction welding. At this time, the penetration is shallow and the welding speed is slow; When the power density is greater than 105 ~ 107 w / cm2, the metal surface will be concave into "holes" under the action of heating to form deep penetration welding, which has the characteristics of fast welding speed and large depth width ratio.

The principle of heat conduction laser welding is: the surface to be processed is heated by laser radiation, the surface heat is diffused internally through heat transfer, and the workpiece is melted to form a specific molten pool by controlling the laser parameters such as laser pulse width, energy, peak power and repetition frequency.

 Dongguan chuangde Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in laser welding, precision resistance welding, cutting, marking, micro processing equipment R & D, production and sales and technological innovation. It is also the only high-tech enterprise in China Laser precision welding Resistance welding is a high-tech enterprise. The company has a unique understanding and innovation in the field of precision resistance welding laser application. Through continuous technical research and development, the welding process has reached the advanced level of international peers, and the high and stable welding quality has reached the international leading level. The equipment products are exported to more than ten countries in Southeast Asia, Europe and America.

Today, China's manufacturing industry is becoming more global. With the rapid development of modern industrial technology, Chinese enterprises have synchronized with the modern industrial level in the R & D, technical reserve and production of automatic welding equipment, and some fields have exceeded the level of developed countries. With the team's exquisite technical innovation spirit, we will continue to challenge the problem of precision resistance welding in laser application technology and become a world-class welding equipment supplier brand.


For gear welding and metallurgical sheet welding Laser welding machine It mainly involves laser deep penetration welding.

Laser deep penetration welding generally uses continuous laser beam to connect materials. Its metallurgical physical process is very similar to electron beam welding, that is, the energy conversion mechanism is completed through the "key hole" structure.

Under the irradiation of sufficiently high power density laser, the material evaporates and forms small holes. The small hole filled with steam is like a blackbody, which absorbs almost all the incident beam energy. The equilibrium temperature in the hole cavity reaches about 2500 0C. The heat is transmitted from the outer wall of the high-temperature hole cavity to melt the metal surrounding the hole cavity.

The small hole is filled with high-temperature steam generated by the continuous evaporation of wall material under the irradiation of light beam. The four walls of the small hole are surrounded by molten metal and the liquid metal is surrounded by solid materials (in most conventional welding processes and laser conduction welding, energy is first deposited on the surface of the workpiece and then transmitted to the interior by transmission).

The liquid flow and wall surface tension outside the hole wall are in dynamic equilibrium with the continuous steam pressure in the hole cavity. The light beam continuously enters the small hole, and the material outside the small hole is flowing continuously. With the movement of the light beam, the small hole is always in a stable state of flow.

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  Tel: 13580722659  
  Fax: 0769-81306766  
  Email: sales@styler.com.cn  
  Website: www.styler.com.cn  
  Address: Building D, No. 81, Huahong Commercial East Street, Zhenxing North Road, Gaopo Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province  

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